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Your Complete Guide to Butane Camping Stoves

Your Complete Guide to Butane Camping Stoves

Everyone loves camping and enjoy it to the fullest so that it can remain as a memory throughout their life. Today we can see that most of the people plan a camping trip with their friends after a hectic weekend. But, the most important part of every camping trip is the major meal which everyone has to keep in their mind.

One of the finest things you can do is to take a Butane camping stove with you and prepare your meal. These stoves are nowadays preferred by campers all over the world. With this, you do not have to rely upon anyone and can have easy camping. After using this stove people have recommended it to their beloved ones and got the best benefit from it.

But, before taking the butane stove on your camping trip you have to know a few things about it. Without knowing these things you cannot operate it and it can result in food failure.

Setting up the stove

It is the foremost thing to set up the stove in a proper manner so that it is secured. Before using if for camping you have to be ready with the set up so that there are no further problems.

  • Turn over the Enamel glazed pan so that the supporting cantilever is facing upwards.
  • Place the stove on a smooth and flat heat impenetrable area.
  • Make sure that the crank of the stove is not locked.
  • Do not forget to switch off the flaming button.
  • Unlock the canister storage
  • Search the mark on the butane canister tip, lift the safeguard guide at the connection with stove and insert the canister so that safeguard guide is inside the tip mark.
  • Plug into the switch in front of the stove so that it is unlocked.
  • Before using it check that there is no gas leakage and it is safe. It can be done by using foamy water on top of the canister. If you notice a few bubbles then do not connect the canister and stop it immediately to avoid further cautions.

How to use the stove?

After setting it up you have to be thorough with its use so that you can use it for cooking. Here are some ways which will tell you the usage of a butane stove.

  • Switch on the flame switch on a clockwise basis till the time you hear the click sound. It will cause a light fire flick and light the stove heater.
  • Just balance the flame to its expected height by continuing to switch the button in the same position. The supreme flame would be blue with a yellow touch beside the main tip.
  • While switching off your stove just turn the flame switch off with the off button.

Indication: If the stove is not working after switching it on then you can turn it off and double-check it. After double-checking it also if there is any problem you can follow the simple guidelines mentioned in its manual.

Awareness: The stove has to be kept at normal temperature before storing the canister.

Important thing: There is always a security feature that can stop gas overflow if the pressure is too high. Go through the features thoroughly before taking the butane stove for camping so that there is no inadequacy.

Cleaning the stove in an adequate manner

Do not leave it unclean after cooking your meal otherwise, it can be unhealthy for you. Keep it cool at a certain temperature then you can clean it in an easy manner. Here are some cleaning processes you need to follow.

  • Plug out the butane canister from the stove before cleaning it.
  • Wash every portion of the stove with hot and foamy soap water.
  • Make sure that all the parts are fully dry before storing it inside the store.
  • The unit of the stove has to be cleaned according to its usage.
  • Place all the parts in a drier place when you are not using it.

Recommended cleaning agents which you can use

There are some cleaning agents which are fully recommended by the experts so that there is no cleaning problem.

  • Hot water- One of the best cleaning agents which will remove all the dirt impurities and give you a clean stove. Just add a few drops of lemon juice in the hot water and clean with it so that there are no stains. Adding lemon juice to hot water does not only make it clean but adds a good fragrance.
  • Light dish washing liquid detergent- It is another recommended cleaning agent which gives you a bright shine in the stove. After using it you will get not bacteria or germs from the food impurities.
  • Nylon cleaning pad- It is also another alternative with which you can clean the food pan and get a nice shinier texture. People only use this agent to clean most of their cooking ranges and stoves.

Most important safety rules you need to follow

We do not notice the safety rules of using something, there are always some warning which we need to follow. In other words, we can say without these warnings the stove is unsafe for camping and any other uses.

  • Do not ever use the stove in an unattended situation.
  • Never use on surfaces like wood, bitumen or plastics as these are fully flammable and can catch fire quickly.
  • Do not operate the stove beyond the range of any gas container as it can be harmful. It has to be within the range limit so that there is no further pressure.
  • Do not operate the stove beyond the range of an ignitable liquid. This is also the most important thing and if it reaches out of limit then it can be harmful.
  • Warm cooking liquids can remain extensively hot after cooking for a longer period. Do not ever handle the stove till the liquid is chilled at a certain temperature.
  • Do not use more than one stove while cooking as it can create trouble.
  • Never move the stove when you are cooking.
  • There are people who use foils but it cannot be used.
  • Do not use clay hardened cooking utensils.
  • Never ever use the stove if there is a chance of high wind.
  • Try to use encased hot pads or protective gloves to prevent from warm surfaces or drown from liquids. Wear fully closed shoes while cooking so that there is no chance of food splitting on your feet.
  • If you are taking your pet dog for the camping trip then keep them far from the appliance.
  • Never use it if you are drunk as you can lose the focus and spoil the texture of food.
  • Use the right fire extinguisher while igniting the fire on the stove as it can properly light the fire. There are some extinguishers recommended by the experts which can make it light properly. The best care has to be given to understand the guidelines for using an extinguisher.
  • The stove has to be kept in exact room temperature before using it. Make this ready for use if the temperature is below a certain temperature.
  • Take some precautions if there is any serious sort of issue. If you fall near the stove then it can lead to further consequences like splashing of food.
  • If your product is containing chemicals or any other impurities then it can be harmful to you.
  • Do not use this stove inside your camping tent due to the possible production of carbon monoxide when the oxygen supply in the tent is limited.
  • Some people use the stove as a heater but it cannot be used in that sense. Only use this stove for cooking and no other purposes.

Pros of a Butane camping stove

  • They are smaller and lighter than other stoves which can be easy to carry for your camping trips.
  • It is totally hard in both of the burning options that are more preferable.
  • The fuel of butane is cheaper than the other fuels that are why everyone uses it for camping.
  • The best advantage is that it does not contain any harmful impurities as the other fuels.

Cons of a Butane camping stove

  • It cannot be used for heating as there can be further problems and troubles.
  • It has to be kept at a certain temperature before using it. Butane stove can only operate at the temperature above 5°C.
  • People cannot use it inside the kitchen or their camping tents; it has to be used outside.

These are the important guidelines you can follow before using the butane stove for camping. Enjoy your camping trip!

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