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What Size of Stove Do You Prefer Using When You Go Camping?

What Size of Stove Do You Prefer Using When You Go Camping?

You can pack many foods like non-cooked meals which are available in retail stores today. This enables you to consume less time in cooking during camping and spend more time hiking. However, you and your family will be tempted to eat something cooked, warm and tasty. Fortunately, to meet your temptation for cooked meals, a variety of camping stoves are available, which makes it easy to cook food instantly. So, if you are planning to go camping, then you should complete these tasks before going.

  • Buy more than one camp stove if a large group of people is going camping.
  • Selecting the right size of the camp stove is important and should be based on your hiking patterns, etc.
  • Prevent buying large-size fuel or gas canisters especially white gas, which could clog up the stove.

Types of camping stoves

  • Backpacking stoves

Backpacking stoves are the best option in a situation where you prefer to go for long-mile hikes and set up camp in a vacant area. Also, if you wish to carry as few things as possible for camping, then these stoves come in handy and are compact. Normally, they weigh less than a pound, making it an extremely user-friendly option to keep your backpack weightless. Based on their size, it is normally used for boiling water and to cook small-sized meals and for emergencies. A backpacking stove is often smaller, specific, and lighter. Common backpacking stoves include a single burner, weigh less, and save space. They are mostly used for car camping and are considered to be a small camping stove.

One of the main drawbacks of the backpacking stove is that it does not provide a wide range of cooking ability because it is smaller and less stable compared to other camping stoves. However, this depends upon the stove and most car camping stoves are not only used for heating water but also cooking.

  • Folding camp stove

Another ideal camping stove for long-mile hikers is foldable camping stoves. These stoves provide the benefits of a full camping stove in a compact size. Its parts are designed in such a way where they could be easily folded out to form a normal size camping stove which can then be reduced to the size that can be fitted in most backpacks. They are a great alternative to be carried as a lightweight camping stove.

One of the drawbacks is that they cannot be used in snow-covered terrain camping areas. However, it must be noted that you will need to create a windshield to improve the performance. One of the main advantages of a folding camping stove is that they are portable and have reduced sizes which enable you to pack other necessary camping equipment.

  • Portable camping stove

A portable camping stove is a cooking stove particularly designed to be used in camping, picnicking, and back camping or in any other remote locations. Portable camping stoves have a variety of uses, like they can be used for outdoor food service and catering, and outdoor field hospitals. Portable camping stoves have many types like small camping stoves, liquid-fuel stoves, solid-fuel stoves, etc. These stoves are easy to use and similar to kitchen stovetops. Some of the portable camping stoves run on electric and gas. However, a portable electric stove is more beneficial compared to an electric stove. One of the advantages of this stove is that they do not require any additional goods to keep them running so you can save money. Also, they provide grilling features which are not provided by a gas stove, they have an easy on and off feature and you can easily clean them.

The main drawback of these stoves is that they need electricity, which may not be available in the camping area. Other drawbacks are that they take time to heat up, get easily scratched due to the ceramic nature and take more time to cool down similar to warming up.

  • Single burner propane camp stove

Single burner propane camp stoves are the best option available for modern campers to cook outside. This is one of the most efficient and reliable stoves. One of the primary benefits of these stoves is that they have dual-fuel capability; they can function on butane or propane. Propane is the best fuel source compared to butane especially during the winter season. Also, they can run on two different types of fuel to be convenient for campers. Single burner propane camp stoves are suitable for a solo camper and can be used as backpacking stoves.

The drawback of these stoves is that propane stoves are less efficient when they are at low fuel. Propane stoves tend to have lighter weight and are easier to use.

  • 3-burner camp stove

3-burner camp stoves are better than two-burner stoves. They are best suited for a family that has 4 to 5 members. The main benefit of these stoves is that there are three burners available which make it easier to cook different meals at the same time. For instance, you need to prepare lunch for your family where you can easily place daal and chawal on one burner, and on the other burner, a mouth-watering aloo-tamatar sabzi can be placed. Also, they have the most advantageous feature of automated ignition where the lighter is not needed.

However, one of the drawbacks of these stoves is that it is difficult to carry them around because they are heavy and bulky. Also, one of the main drawbacks is that they consume a lot of electricity on the occasion when three burners are regularly used. 

The best camp stoves

From the above mentioned, you should choose the best camp stove. Selecting the best camp stove for camping depends upon various factors like size and weight, fuel, windshields, the type of fuel canister used, the number of burners and other factors as seen below.

  • Weight and size of camp stove based on the number of camping members

Camping stoves like small camping stoves, folding camp stoves, single burner propane camp stoves, and portable camp stoves are some of the camp stoves which are lightweight and consume less space compared to 3-burner camp stoves. So, if only 1-2 people are going camping, then, lightweight and compact-size camp stoves like small camping stoves, portable camp stoves, etc. are the best options. However, for family members and large group members, the three-burner camp stoves should be ideally used to satisfy every member’s food intake. Subsequently, these camp stoves with three to four burners will be heavier since they will have a fuel canister with a gas stove.

  • Automatic ignition

Various lightweight camp stoves like small camping stoves, portable and folding camp stoves including single burner propane camp stoves have push-button ignition. However, it is recommended in carrying matches or a lighter as the ignition could become defective. The best part of 3-burner camp stoves are that they have an automatic ignition button for all three burners where different foods can be cooked at the same time.

  • Windshield

Small camping stoves like backpacking camp stoves, foldable camp stoves, portable camp stoves, and single burner propane camp stoves normally do not have a built-in wind protector which makes it difficult for campers because they will have to spend extra money in buying the wing protector. However, the main advantages of 3-burner camp stoves are that some of the brands available in the market have an in-built wind protector which makes the camper’s life easier.

Some customer’s reviews of camp stoves

  • Backpacking camping stoves

Based on small camping stoves like Jetboil Flash, one of the customers mentioned that Jetboil Flash is lighter and warms water quickly compared to other backpacking stoves. Also, the customer liked them and mentioned that they ignite quickly and are their favorite of the camping stoves.

  • Folding camp stoves

One of the customers reviewed that these stoves are mobile and unique which makes it easy to cook at any place. They can be used for camping, fishing, expeditions, etc. However, they mentioned that they cannot be used for tent heating.

  • Portable camping stoves

The customer reviewed that some portable camping stoves have a simple and reliable design without any additional fittings. These stoves are best suited in providing operational tent cooking and heating stoves. Also, they have many other accessories that can be useful for campers whenever required.

  • Single burner propane camp stoves

Customers who have used single burner propane camp stoves have provided a five- star rating for this stove. The customers have commented that they are simple and save space. These are their favorite stove because many plates of food can be heated easily due to the stability and durability. However, one of the drawbacks mentioned by a customer is that they do not come with a windshield.

  • 3-burner camp stove

One of the customers has suggested that these stoves should be used when going for family camping and are their favorite camp stove because they warm up quickly and function great. This customer had a good experience by using the 3-burner camp stove because they cook a large meal within a short period.

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