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Portable Heaters & Camping Equipment

Portable Heaters & Camping Equipment

Do you love to travel? If the hill is your favorite destination then you must love camping. Moreover, if you are fond of trekking then camping is a must thing. At a camp, you can relax at night after the whole day trek. So, before planning for trekking the trekkers need to make a list for the equipment they need to trek.

The temperature is the most important factor of a hill. So, the primary equipment the travelers need to carry is portable heaters along with the other equipment. Before planning for a trek the trekkers need to keep some most important facts in mind.

Duration of the trip

Duration and timing of the trek are always needed to calculate before starting a trek. According to the duration and the timing, the trekkers need to store the important equipment in the backpack.

Numbers of the people

The numbers of trekkers differ according to the groups. So, the trekkers need to carry camping equipment according to the number of people. Trekkers can divide the number of equipment among the group members. So, a trekker does not need to carry the maximum weight while trekking.

Some equipment cannot be divided among the others as trekkers need those things for their usage. While camping at night trekkers surely need to carry portable heaters in their private luggage along with the other equipment.

Portable heater and their variations

As the temperature is the most important factor of the hill so carrying a portable heater is the best option to make the camp warm. A trekker can carry a portable heater inside his backpack. A portable heater does not take a long time to make the tent warm. Even a portable heater can not make warm a tent in case the weather is too freezing. So, trekkers need to buy the portable heater according to the height and the temperature of the camping place. Generally, before buying a heater for the camping trekkers need enough knowledge about the product. Depending upon the budgets, the duration of the tour and the members in a camp trekkers need to select their product accordingly. Generally, the primary determiner of the heater is the type of fuel. Depending on the fuel the price, lasting power and the weight of the heater are decided. Here the types and cost of the fuel are provided below:


In the maximum of portable heaters, the fuel type is Propane. The main reason is Propane is safer than the other fuels for the environment. It pollutes less than the other fuels. So, despite camping people also use propane heater for their homely usage. Trekkers can get various price ranges of portable heater along with propane fuel.


After Propane, Butane has the maximum usage as the fuel in a portable heater. Comparing with the other propane-fueled heaters the price is lower of Butane fueled heaters. So, for a short trip trekkers can choose a Butane fueled heater. Butane causes pollution in a higher quantity compared with the other fuels.


Generally, the electric heater has a lesser usage for camping purposes. Due to the dependence of electric this kind of heater is not-so-useful at the top-hill campaign. Despite this disadvantage, if travelers camp in a hilly village with current availability they can avoid the chance of pollution.

Required features in portable Heater

Before planning for a trek a trekker needs to buy a portable heater that will help to keep the camp warm at the cold. Before buying a portable heater the key-features need to know for the travelers. The key features are:

Capacity of Heating

Before buying a portable heater the must-know thing should be considered is the capacity of heating. Different places contain different temperatures. So, at the cold, the trekkers need a higher capacity of heating to make the tent warm.


Generally, the trekkers who stay at warm temperature places do not need a heater even in winter. So, they need a portable heater only for trekking purposes. Hence, they do not need to invest much money to buy a portable heater. Comparing the cost of several companies’ trekkers can buy the heater accordingly.


The portable heater itself is smaller sized than normal space heaters. Still, trekkers need to compare the size and weight of the heater. Generally, trekkers have to carry a portable heater along with the necessary equipment for the camp. The weight of the heater should not be much heavier so that the trekkers feel difficulties to carry it.

Pollution creator

Generally, the heaters containing fuel like propane and butane causes huge pollution in the air. These fuels extract carbon monoxide that is highly dangerous for health. So, before buying a heater the buyers need to know the carbon monoxide consumption rate of the fuel. Primarily the oxygen level is lower at the high altitude. Moreover, if the heater causes excess carbon monoxide it may result in an accident or breathing trouble despite making the camp warm.

Benefits of portable heater

There are certain reasons to consider portable heaters as the most useful things. The benefits of portable heater are:

  • The size of the portable heater is smaller than the normal heaters. So, despite camping and trekking travelers also can use this in the home in winter.
  • Portable heater costs much lower than a space heater. So, once a trekker buys a portable heater for camping it makes the winter warm for several years in a very low budget.
  • A portable heater generally causes less pollution than a big space heater. Moreover, the chances of firing from the space heater do not imply a portable heater.
  • Operating a portable heater is much easier than a space heater. So, trekkers and common people also prefer a portable heater than the space heater.
  • In some portable heater, there are inbuilt safety features that generally one can not get in a space heater.
  • Portable heaters are mostly used for trekking and camping purposes. So, the capacity of heating of a portable heater is much higher than the space heaters. Portable heaters even work at cold at the top of the hill.

Disadvantages of Portable Heater

Though portable heater is one of the most used equipment of camping and trekking, it has some disadvantages also:

  • Pollution is one of the most threatening factors of portable heater. The pollution causes from butane and propane that are the fuels of the heater. Those heaters cause a large amount of carbon monoxide that may harm the travelers, especially where the oxygen level is lower.
  • In case a group of trekkers chooses an electric heater to avoid pollution, there also remains a risk. Electricity often causes a short circuit that reasons fire in the camp.
  • Many portable heaters do not contain an emergency switch that controls the temperature. So, travelers and trekkers always need to be alert regarding the heater despite taking some rest.
  • Generally, trekkers often buy the portable heater before packing for the trip. So, they do not have enough time to read the manuals properly. Due to not reading the manual properly, they cannot control the machine properly. So, often accident causes for lack of knowledge in usage and also a lack of awareness.

Other camping equipment

For trekking purposes, trekkers need to carry some camping equipment that is considered to the most useful. Here the lists of the equipment are provided below:

1. Light

Trekkers need to carry the emergency light or torch as important trekking equipment. Generally, daylight is the perfect time for trekking. So, when the travelers set a camp on the top of the hill they need light to spend the rest of the night. Moreover, a ray of light would also help to keep the wild animals away from the tent.

2. Medicine

While trekking or camping in the wood, travelers, and trekkers need to carry medicine in their backpack. Travelers and trekkers often get wounded by the frostbite or any kind of injuries. So, cotton, injection, worm-sprays, antiseptics are needed to carry along with the medicines.

3. Portable Stove

While traveling to a deep wood or trekking to the top of the hill, travelers need to cook for them in the camp. So, a portable stove is the must-needed thing for camping. Before buying a stove the trekkers need to gain knowledge about fuel consumption and the pollution rate from the stove.

4. Sleeping Bag

For camping and trekking sleeping bag is one of the most efficient things to consider. This item uses at night for sleeping purposes. The biggest benefit of this item is it saves from any kind of animal or worm attack. Moreover, the inside warm temperature helps a trekker to get rid of cold.


Campaigning and trekking are not at all like normal traveling. Each equipment is equally important for camping. So, travelers need to plan properly before buying the equipment for camping. While buying portable heaters or stoves they need to compare the items and the costs properly. Maintaining the plan will help the trekkers to get useful and good quality equipment into the budget. Also, remembering the cons of the equipment will make the trekkers and the travelers aware.

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