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How to Fix Low Flame on Your Gas Grill or Stove

How to Fix Low Flame on Your Gas Grill or Stove

Your food cooking and frying will be problematic in case the propane camping stove emits tepid weak flame. Maybe, you have not filled up the fuel tank properly pouring oil or propane gas. However, there are different technical issues which are responsible for producing such unsteady light flow. It is a common hazard. You must be aware that when the gas grill works properly, its flame is blue and yellow (on tips), evenly distributed through the burners. Moreover, when the grill is set on high, it should heat quickly. 

Why Does Your Stove Release Low Flame?

The low flame emitting problem reduces safety. A regulator of the stove is designed to control the flow of the gas if there is any leak. This regulator checks the overflow of the gas or fuel even if you do not know this technical issue. On the other hand, in case, the gas stove experiences the small puncture/ hole, the gas will overflow to come into contact with the burner to make the high flame.

Methods to Fix up the Low Flame 

During frying, you must opt for the proper preventive measure. If you see any low flame, turn off the main burner of thegas camping stove. Deactivate the propane tank for protection. Detach the regulator from the tank. Clean hose tube, regulator and burner properly. Maybe, the burner has debris or grease.

Remove dirt before activating the stove again. Usually, people use soapy water for polishing the body of the stove. Take 1 tablespoon of detergent and mix the powder with water in a container. Detoxify the regulator, hose and propane tank with the soapy water. However, due to leakage, the tank or the regulator may have small bubbles or water droplets. 

In a few cases, even after finishing the regulator cleaning, the stove is not ready to give you proper smooth steadfast flame. So, before reattaching the attachment of the regulator to the stove/grill, you should check the venturis hour-glass tub. It controls the flow and pressure of the fuel passing through the hose tube to the burner.

With cloth, mop up the venturis inside out. Maybe, minuscule junk elements or spider’s cobweb gets stuck to block the passage. Simultaneously, perhaps, the small shutters of the venturis are displaced. Adjust the windows/ vents of the venturis to enhance the hassle-free high flame.

Repair the Propane Tank

The hidden leak in the propane tank is risky. A lot of gas could emits through the tiny opening. You have to identify the particular area which needs proper repair. Or, replace the whole tank for a precautionary measure. It will help you save fuel and gas.

Problem with the Hose Attached to the Regulator – Fix It for Reducing Low Flame 

In a small review, a customer wrote that his new Uninflamed 5 burner grill didn’t produce the high flame. When he ignited the fifth burner, the other four burners suppressed the flame. He didn’t know how to remove this low flame issue. Experts advised him to double-check the hose tube connected with the regulator. Due to the sudden blockage in the tube, the burners didn’t increase the flame.

The solution they gave is that disconnect the hose tube from the grill. Keep side burners open for 1 minute and readjust all parts of the grill. If he has the same low flame problem, he should concentrate on the hose tube for the replacement to get a good result.

Reset OPD Safety Valve Shutting-Down Issue 

If the OPD safety valve locates the leak in the grill, it prevents the flow of the fuel. So, dramatically, you have a low flame. See whether the OPD safety valve has a tripping disorder. It can cause a low flame owing to a technical problem.

People need to re-fix the OPD safety valve to have the perfect flame to do trouble-free cooking/frying. Turn off the main propane tank safety valve. If it is your barbeque grill, shut down the burner of this cooking device. Separate the hose from the propane reservoir. Re-connect it to the propane reservoir. However, defect in the OPD safety valve needs to be handled to manage low flame.

Possible Reasons for Low Flame of Your Stove/Grill 

There are many different reasons for a low flame. A user has to try to discover the sources of reduction of the flame. See, the damaged spare parts of the stove or grill do not regulate the pressure and flow of the gas. The minor leakage in the tank may be the hazard for you to have the required flame to continue heating the food.

Obstruction in the Overfilling prevention device of OPD attachment obstructs the flame. Poor connection, improper setting and displacement of the hoe tube from the regulator are also reasons for minimizing the stream of burning propane gas.


  • It is necessary for resetting the regulator
  • Enhance the disconnection and deactivation of all switches lying on the panel
  • The regular after being turned off should be thoroughly and deeply overhauled for the detection of any leak.
  • Refurbish the regulator and again connect it to the stove

Re-fix Misaligned Burner Cap 

If you use a propane camping stove, the burner head will have a cap. It protects the burner head. However, the function of this burner cap is to spread the ignited flame all over the burner. While checking the problem to detect the low flame, you should put your fingers on the burner cap to see its position.

The wrong alignment to install the burner cap on the head of the burner surely directs the flame. It will be a weak and unsteady stream of flame due to such a misalignment.

The burner cap has many indentations or prongs. Proper installation of the burner cap boosts up the release of the gas to accelerate the flame.

Dirt on the Burner Head Decreases the Speed of Gas Emission 

The burner head has numerous dust particles. It is dirty. Small slots on the burner head let the flame to go upward steadily.

Any blockage to fill up the pores of the burner head affects the emission of the proper green flame. Therefore, people have to scoop out food particles, and dust from the mouth of the burner head. Perfect burner head cleaning rejuvenates the flame.

 The dirty slots have hardened dirt. With a wire brush, scrub the slots entirely. Besides, apply soapy water to wash away the unwanted grease and chemical dross/food remnants from the slots of the burner head.

For outdoor camping overnight, expedition and excursion, carry the potable butane burner stoves for preparing delicious food. However, sudden gas leakage and technical errors can delay food cooking due to the insufficient flame to produce more heat.

The burner is an important part of the portable butane camping stove. It transforms the gas coming from the canister. The slots of the burner must be clutter-free without dirt. Inspect the hose tube, temperature regulator and the canister before igniting the burner.

A few hi-tech portable stoves for camping have a higher flame. So, customers need to read the instructions on how to deal with these portable butane camping stoves.


A single burner propane camp stoveis easy to transport and handle. It can be placed at the camping site. It is a great stove with a mono burner to fry sandwiches and boil water. It has the adjustable flame controlling knobs. However, if there is a one-sided low flame on the single burner head, you have to check the position of the regulator and hose. Maybe, the temperature control attachment of the burner is out of order. Replacing it, you will improve the distribution of the flame.

It is a fantastic outdoor picnic destination for a group of young teens. They make fun at the time of preparing food under the sky. The dual fuel camp stoveis more energy efficient as it consumes less fuel. If your dual fuel camp stove is propelled by the propane gas, you must opt for it if you need it to save fuel.

However, a dual fuel camp stove/grill has many issues like a weak flame to disturb the cooking process. You need technical help from experienced mechanics to solve the low gas-burning issue. The top suggestions include the proper configuration, devices assemble and detoxification of the gas valve stem.

A white gas camp stove runs on Naphtha colorless gas. It is a powerhouse for an aspirant camper. It has no odor to release when you burn the white gas for boiling and roasting meat. However, often the simmering flame is minimized due to the lack of fuel in the tank.  

Often the pump does not function to continue supplying sufficient fuel to the burner. The easy solution is to upgrade or replace the pumping attachment to optimize the quality of the flame.

Clean all important parts of the best portable gas stoveand do readjustment using valuable tips. Overused hose tube, damaged regulators, and burner head with dust-covered sluts occlude the flame. The supply chain from the canister or tank to the burner must not have any awkward blockage. The best portable gas stove should have a full-scale flame to let you enjoy the picnic.

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