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Everything You Need to Pack to Cook While Camping

Everything You Need to Pack to Cook While Camping

Over the past few years, more and more people are taking out time to camp. Camping is a lot of fun. People might have different reasons to camp. Some camp to disconnect with technology, while few camps to revitalize their relationships with their loved ones. Then there are people who like to camp in order to reduce stress and tension from their lives.

Whatever be the reason for camping, something which is required for all camping trips is food.  Camping food need not be boring or too complicated. There are some wonderful camping food ideas that can be followed to make the camping expedition truly successful.

If you plan to rely on the packed food for your next camping trip, think otherwise as we bring to you a list of must-carry essentials which will help you prepare a nice and interesting meal in a jiffy while you camp. It is important to think beyond the usual hot dogs and fast foods and cook for yourself a cool breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Make meals that are not just tasty but also healthy, as health can under no cost be put on a back burner even while you camp. Have a camping food list ready so that there is no stress of any kind involved as you ponders about what food to pack on the upcoming camping trip.

Cooking Essentials

Let us first tell you about some cooking essentials which you might need to prepare easy camping meals for large groups.

Aluminum Foil: This kitchen staple is a quintessential part of your camping expedition. You can use it to line your grill, wrap the leftover food so that it can be used the next day or even cover the picnic table in case it looks too dirty to eat on.

Chef’s Knife:  It is a safe bet to carry a super- sharp all-purpose chef’s knife. A dull knife is very dangerous as it tends to skid so nobody wants to take a risk of carrying a regular knife when they know they are away from any medical help or for that matter supply of running water.

Cooler: An insulated cooler is required to keep the food so that it does not get spoilt. Pack the coolers with some dry ice so that they stay intact during the trip.

Cutting Board: As it is on the plan to prepare meals during camping, a cutting board is needed at the campsite to chop the vegetables and cut the meat. A large, plastic cutting board is good enough as it is easy to carry as well as clean it. The cutting board will enable you to make the best camping snacks.

Utensils- Utensils are needed not only to cook the food but also to eat. Carry the plastic utensils as they are easy to carry and can be disposed of once the meal is finished. For cooking the meals carry basic pots to facilitate fast and easy cooking. A cast-iron skillet is best for the grills and a stainless steel pot can be helpful with foods like porridge and curry.

Cleaning Supplies– Just like preparing food is important, cleaning after you are done with your preparations is extremely vital. Carry a bottle of eco-friendly soap, trash bags and paper towels along with you on your camping trip. You cannot leave the place dirty as you move from one spot to the other.

Water– Not every campsite has enough water to suffice the needs of the camper. So, it is recommended that you carry your own water not only for preparing the food but also for cleaning and washing the dishes.

Lighter and Matches– No meal can be prepared without fire. But to light fire, it is important to carry lighter and matches so that you do not end up wasting a lot of time lighting the fire for your grill or to warn some milk, etc.

So, these are some of the things which you will need when you plan to cook a meal during your camping expedition. Making food with just a few ingredients is not as easy as it sounds. But then you can always narrow down on some interesting and fulfilling foods so that you stay all hydrated and perked up during your camping expedition. Now, we will give you some outstanding camping food ideasAll About Best Camping Snacks

Probably the Best Camping Snacks!

  1. Granola Over Camp Fire- Granola over the campfire is extremely delicious and nourishing. All you need to do is toss some thick rolled oats, nuts such as walnuts, almonds, etc, seeds such as pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, sunflower seeds, etc in a huge pan placed on the campfire. Make sure you keep stirring the mixture so that everything gets baked evenly.  Enjoy your granola with milk or Greek yogurt.
  2. Scrambled Eggs– Scrambled Eggs are the easiest thing to prepare in a camp. In fact, they are the best camping breakfast.  All one needs is some butter, few eggs and salt and one will be able to prepare scrambled eggs without any problem. This no-fuss breakfast meal is packed with proteins and will provide one with the necessary energy during the day
  3. Camping Farmer’s Salad– For camping farmer’s salad, dice all the vegetables which are easily available at the campsite. Add some salt, freshly cracked pepper and a dressing of your choices such as mayonnaise, or South West and you have a healthy and wholesome camp food item to relish.
  4. Pepperoni Pizza on Campfire– For this, there is a need to carry some pizza dough on the campsite. Roll the pizza dough and place it over a grill. Spread pizza sauce, vegetables and meat once the pizza base is ready. Put it again on fire to cook. Sprinkle salt, pepper, and seasoning of your choice.
  5. Spiced Campfire Popcorns– This is the best vegan camping food. Popping popcorn over the campfire is extremely easy. Toss the kernels with some oil in a pan. Cover the pan with aluminum foil. When the kernels break open add some salt and any other condiments which you like in order to provide suitable taste to your popcorn snack.
  6. Pasta– This is very easy to carry item. All you need to do is boil it over the campfire in a pan. Grate some cheese over it. Add salt and pepper according to your taste and you are good to go. You can even add a ready-made pasta sauce if you like to add tomato flavor to your pasta dish. You can even add vegetables to the  pasta for some

Risk is an integral part of camping. It is possible that during some unforeseen circumstance, a camper finds it impossible to cook. For such a contingency it is recommended to carry dehydrated camping food.  Also, dehydrated backpack meals are a wonderful way to save money and reduce the weight of your backpack. Freeze-dried eggs, rich chicken/ beef stews serve to be incredible dehydrated camping foods.

Camping Food Hacks: Make Your Life Easier

At times, during camping extra food gets made. But then nobody would want to waste at a campsite.  Or you might get into a problem for which solution appears extremely distant. Camping food hacks bail you out of all campsite issues with a lot of ease.

Pre-Scramble The Eggs– Carrying eggs anywhere can be harrowing let alone campsite. So, the best thing to do is to scramble the eggs and carry them wherever you go. Whenever a desire to eat eggs crops up, add the seasoning and the job is done. Eggs can also be pre-cracked and put in a bottle.  Just make sure that they are kept at a cool so that they do not get spoilt.

Use Wraps For Lunches– Pre-cooked wraps are an excellent way to fix up a meal. Just add in some vegetables of your choice along with some boiled meat and these wraps will fill your stomach in no time.

Using Left-Over Quinoa Or Noodles In Salad- If there are some noodles or quinoa left after a meal they can be added to the salad to make it more flavorsome and filling. This can actually serve as a wonderful meal and can be consumed whenever someone is hungry.

One-Dish Dinners– These are a superb option as it requires less time and effort to prepare a single dish dinner like meat and vegetables in a pot than to prepare two or more things for dinner.

Instant coffee-Rather than carrying milk, coffee, and sugar separately it is prudent to carry instant coffee packets so that a tasty cup of coffee can be fixed up quickly without any kind of hassle or inconvenience.


These camping hacks are the best companion for every camper. They are easy to implement and will help save time and space. So, go ahead keep these points in mind and have a wonderful time camping alone or with friends and family.

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