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Beware of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Beware of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

The harmful effects of carbon monoxide are not new to anyone. Several campaigns might only talk about the dangers of the gas while using the poor gas cookers at home. But, the toxic impact of carbon monoxide poisoning in camping is high as well. As the gas emits no smell, it is difficult to sense its presence. It is the worst problem. As you cannot identify the existing gas inside your tent or caravan or the enclosed space you are choosing to stay, you might not be conscious of the negative impact it is leaving on your health secretly; When you would be aware of the danger, it would get too late in solving it.    

According to multiple news reports, the gas is the primary cause of death of many campers in camping.  Most of you enjoy having BBQ. Moreover, to avoid the chilly cold weather in camping, major numbers of campers choose to keep these BBQs, camping stoves or gas cookers to increase the heat, which results negatively if you utilize the poorly serviced one. But, unknowingly, with these types of equipment, you invite some danger for your health.

Nevertheless, no matter which appliance you are opting to take with you camping if it is unsealed it is not safe. You must aware of the fact that every burning fuel will produce harmful carbon monoxide gas.  The risk even increases when you the gas form in an enclosed area. It is because, when the gas finds no means of escaping, its density starts to get intense affecting the overall health of the campers present in the enclosed tent.

The poisonous effects of the carbon monoxide gas

The age-old campers are already aware of what the carbon monoxide poisoning can do to their health. But, those who are new at camping might have not in-depth knowledge of the hurdles that the dangerous gas can create while you are enjoying camping. The tasteless, odorless carbon monoxide is the result of burning fuels like petrol, wood, oil, and charcoal. Now the question is how to judge whether the CO or the carbon monoxide is forming? The simplest way of judging it is by noticing the burning of the fuels. If you notice that the fuel suddenly halts burning. You must take it as a sign that instead of producing carbon dioxide, the harmful carbon monoxide is in the way.

Being tasteless and odorless, the campers unknowingly breathe in the toxic carbon monoxide, which pushes them towards the helpless situation. In fact, as the campers cannot sense the trouble, they do nothing to prevent the gas from inhaling.

People of all age including the men, women children, older citizens each and every person can suffer from the poisonous effects of the gas. Now coming to its poisonous effects, when you inhale the threatening carbon monoxide gas, it mixes with your blood. After that, it unites with the hemoglobin present in the blood cells. Thereafter, it turns the healthy hemoglobin into carbohemoglobin and that is where the trouble occurs. The carboxyhemoglobin stops the natural task of the red blood cells. It prevents the RBC from transporting the oxygen to all the parts of the body. As a result, your whole body gets deprived of Oxygen and forms several tissues and cells inside the body, which leads you to destruction.

Traits of the carbon monoxide poisoning

Preventing the formation of carbon monoxide when you are camping can be next to impossible. Furthermore, due to the shortage of oxygen in the higher altitudes, the risks of carbon monoxide poisoning gets high. If you are aware of its poisoning and the early traits, you can take some steps in averting further mishaps. Sensing the reaction of the carbon monoxide poisoning at the very beginning can be hard. It is because the symptoms and the traits are kind of similar to the characteristics of common flu. While you are in camping catching flu might look very normal. Thus, the very first rule of identifying whether you caught the attack of the harmful gas is pointing the differences between the flu and the carbon monoxide.

At the initial phase of the carbon monoxide poisoning, you will deal with the symptoms like mild headache, runny nose or watery eyes. Sometimes it gives you the signs of food poisoning as well. Mistaking it as a common health issue, most of you do not seek medical aid. As a result, the signs start to develop severely, increasing the risks of death. When the indication develops, you might find out this below enlisting traits in acute forms-

  • The initial headache might turn into a severe one and stays until something horrible occurs
  • Along with that, you can feel the sudden attack of asthma. Moreover, the shortness of breath can even choke you to death
  • You might feel the urge of throwing out especially whenever you try to feed yourself    
  • Alongside, carbon monoxide positioning can in acute tiredness, stomach ailment, blurred vision, and dizziness        

The signs do not restrict here, the more and longer you are exposed to the harmful gas, the signs tend to be intense. According to several reports, with the carbon monoxide poisoning, an individual has the risk of getting hallucinations and failure of consciousness. Moreover, reports of vision loss and memory loss are also seen in some campers. Therefore, if you ever come across any of these above-mentioned signs, taking it casually can be risky for your life. Hence, make sure to carry appropriate medical assistance whenever you are out camping.

Which of the gears and factors in camping can increase the chance of forming carbon monoxide? 

Camping is a fun activity. Regardless to mention, some people cannot even think of spending a single year without going camping. However, to make enjoyment safer, you must be aware of the poisoning of carbon monoxide gas. Every year several deaths are reported in camping owing to this life-threatening gas. It would take you only a night to lose your life due to the gas. Hence, to avoid the risk, first, check out the gears or the factors that can increase the poisoning-

Fuel-burning gears 

The most necessary appliance of camping, the gas stoves is the chief factor that pushes you to the risk zone. As mentioned above not only the camping stoves, any camping gear that utilizes the fuel has the chance of producing the gas. Be it a heater, or a fuel-burning lamp or generator, or any other equipment, all of them are harmful. You might be thinking that camping without all these gears is impossible. Definitely it is! But, if you maintain some tricks and use these gears rightly, you can decrease the chances of carbon monoxide poisoning to a larger rate. All you need to do is using them in a well-ventilated area. Besides, you might also make sure that the burning pieces of equipment you are using in your camping are in good form. Poorly working damaged stoves or other gears have the utmost chance of generating carbon monoxide gas. Moreover, you can also replace some risky gears with some healthy choices. For instance, some of the campers use fuel-burning appliances to relish the heat in the acute cold weather. However, if you pick for additional insulation around your bed, you can beat the cold amazingly without hurting your health. Similarly, instead of the gas fuel-burning heaters, you can opt to choose the electric one.   


BBQ in camping are great in demand. Of course, you must have the fun of this brilliant arrangement. Alongside this, you need to consider its deadly effects at the same time. The fact of carbon monoxide related to BBQ is a necessary-know thing for everyone, especially for the campers. When you are done using the BBQ, it starts releasing the harmful carbon monoxide. You might think that there is no smoke, thus, it is not emitting carbon monoxide. However, you are totally wrong in that case. The appliance emits the gas for hours secretly! Hence, it is your responsibility to use it properly. When camping, make sure not to prefer using it inside your tent. The best place for having fun of BBQ is an open area where there is proper ventilation. Moreover, you must also take care of the fact of not leaving a lit BBQ inside your living area while you are sleeping.       

Recommendation: Perks of taking Carbon monoxide detector when camping

Picking the right security is always welcome whether you are on a camping or engaging yourself in any other activity. The expert campers suggest carrying a carbon monoxide detector whenever you are heading towards camping. The detector assists you to ensure that you are safe from the gas. These detectors are constructed with an alarm. When it senses the acute buildup of the gas, it warns you by ringing the alarm.

But, relying entirely upon the detector is not suitable. It is a basic way of sensing the gas. Along with this, you must carry all the necessary precautions and medications of carbon monoxide poisoning carefully.

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