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4 Food Safety Camping Tips

4 Food Safety Camping Tips

Camping is more like an adventure. When you go for a camping trip, you expect nothing but unlimited fun, joy, pleasure, and good times. After all, this is what you have planned for, and this how camping trips are supposed to be.

But, have you ever thought about the ‘what-if’ scenario?

In other words, have you ever considered the possibility that your trip may turn into a nightmare one thing goes wrong?

Camping trips are not automated processes. The possibility that something may go wrong is always present. This is why it is always important to have in mind certain camping rules and tips in order to minimize the likelihood that your trip can go wrong and the stress related to it, and to maximize the chances of you having good times with your family and friends.

Today we will present for you four essential food safety camping tips that every camper should have in mind in order to prevent any trip from taking a wrong turn.

With that being said let’s get this article on the road:

1. Keep it Cool

Unless you’re planning to go for camping trip to the north pole, you might want to consider keeping your food cool. otherwise it will spoil and may lead to the cancellation of the camping trip.

There are plenty and different kinds of food, and people have different tastes as well. Some may go on a camping trip with a backpack packed up with meat. Others may pack vegetables, and there’s even those who tend to take only canned food since it saves time and space.

Still, it is important to have in mind that food has to be kept at a certain temperature, otherwise it may rot or spoil sooner that you may expect.

There are a lot of ways to keep your food cool, and it all depends on how much resources you have and how much you can pack since camping is all about movability.

For instance, you can think about getting a little camping cooler since it is available almost in every city. Yet, no one can deny how useful it becomes the moment you invest in of them and go for a camping trip, especially if you’re camping by the beach.

Or, you can freeze your food before leaving your house. This method is one of the easiest ones so far, yet it is not as effective as having a cooler since it is hard to keep food frozen in summer. But, that doesn’t mean that you will not gain some time before unpacking and preparing your table.

Another way to keep your food in a cool temperature is to freeze water bottles and keep your food in contact with the bottles. The frozen bottles will release their cold temperature in exchange with the heat of the environment and the food. This means that the more food you have, the hotter the weather is, the more frozen bottles you’ll need to keep up during the day.

2. Think Before you Pack

If you’re one of those who do everything at the last minute as if they are the fastest beings on earth, then you will probably skip this point since it has nothing to do with speed.

Camping trips should not be planned and prepared in the last minute. Although it is possible to pack the essentials and join your friends, the difference between a good trip and a failure lies in the amount of preparation you have for it. after all, this is what the quote displayed in the movie the mechanic says: “victory loves preparation”.

This is why it is of great importance to always keep in mind that you have to prepare everything before you leave, and most importantly to pack it well.

No one wants to reach their destination and throw half the food they brought because it was not packed in the right way.

But, you may ask yourself: How do I pack my food correctly? Or: Is there even a way to pack my food in the wrong way?

If you’re an avid camper, then you might have the answers for the above-mentioned questions. But, if you’re someone who’s planning to go for his first camping trip, then you might stop any distraction you have because this is one crucial point to pay attention to.

When packing your food, you need to take into consideration different points:

First, you need to be fully aware of the weather of the road and the destination you are heading to. If you’re heading to a cold place, and you have food that should be kept cold, then you should put it at the top of the backpack since it’s there where the cold air collides with the surface of the backpack, and that area will stay cold as a result. As for hot food, you should place it at the bottom or on the side of the backpack that touches your back since that’s the place of the backpack that is kept warm most of the times.

The next thing that you have to consider while packing your stuff is the type of food that you are packing. Do you think that a bar of chocolate and some strawberries should be put at the bottom of the backpack?

Always remember that the solid things should be put at the bottom and the more you go to the top, the more you can place less solid food. In other words, you should put your canned meat at the bottom, your glass jam jar in the middle, and bananas and other tender fruits at the top.

So, if you want to pack your food correctly, you need to consider the points mentioned above since they cannot be separated.

3. Invest ‘Generously’ in Camping Food Related Gadget

It’s simple:

cheap gadgets = cheap camping trip.

The average person tends to look for cheap, and sometimes even free, food camping gadget without even thinking about the possibility that cheap stuff often results in wrong turns.

For instance, let’s say that you want to go for a camping trip with your friends for a couple of days. You chose your destination to be a forest which is located 100 miles away from home. Before going for that camping trip, you plan everything, you pack everything correctly, but you remember one important thing:

It’s the first of August, and the combination of outdoor temperature in addition to the type of food you have packing can lead to serious digestive problems.

So, you decide to invest some money on a cooler. You take your wallet and go outside, but apparently, the price of most of the coolers you have found is higher than you expected. So, you decide to go to a thrift shop, and ironically you find the same cooler there for a 1/3 of the original price. So, you buy the cooler with no second thought, you pack it with food and ice bags, and you head to your destination.

What you haven’t realized is that this cooler came with no warranty whatsoever. So, when you reach your destination, you find out that there’s a crack at the bottom of the cooler and the lid is not closing properly. This means that there’s a constant stream of hot air getting inside or in other words, that cooler is a piece of garbage that you need to throw with all the meat you have packed inside of it since it is not edible right now.

Whenever it comes to getting camping food gadget, you need to make certain compromises and spend generously since you will not camp only once a lifetime and the better the gadget you get, the longer they will last, and the better your food will be preserved.

4. Food and Duration

If you want to go on a camping trip and avoid any food related problems, you need to make sure to have an idea about how long you’ll stay outdoors since this will determine what type of food you will take and whether it will last for that given period of time or not.

You need to make sure that you are packing food that will last for your entire trip. No one wants to go camping with the stress and anxiety that their food might spoil in the middle of the trip or gather germs and develop rot in the second or third day of the trip.

For instance, if you’re planning to camp for more than 5 days, you want to reconsider taking certain fruits like apples or bananas, especially if you’re camping in the summer season. Most of these fruits will rot if they are not well preserved in a cool and ventilated environment. This means that you’ll simply end up throwing them and not taking advantage of them. This is one scenario that no one wants to end up with, especially if you’re planning to camp in long distance from your home. So, make sure to take the food that can last for the whole camping trip without spoiling or rotting.

With that being said, we come to the end of today’s article. If you liked the tips that we have introduced, and you would like to know more and stay updated with everything and anything in the camping realm, then make sure to check us more often. See you soon!

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